Matri Bhavan has its own Pharmacy – SRIMA PHARMACY for prompt and regular supply of medicines to the patients at subsidised rate.

SriMa Pharmacy, an integral part of Ramakrishna Sarada Mission (Matri Bhavan), stands as a beacon of healthcare accessibility and affordability for the community it serves With a steadfast commitment to ensuring prompt and reliable access to essential medicines, SriMa Pharmacy operates with a mission-driven ethos, striving to alleviate the financial burden on patients by offering medications at subsidized rates.

At SriMa Pharmacy, every effort is made to uphold the highest standards of pharmaceutical care, with a focus on quality, safety, and efficacy. Trained pharmacists and staff members are dedicated to providing personalized service, offering guidance on medication usage, dosage, and potential side effects, thereby promoting informed healthcare decisions among patients.

In addition to dispensing medications, SriMa Pharmacy also plays a pivotal role in medication management, collaborating closely with healthcare providers to ensure seamless coordination of prescriptions and refills. Through streamlined processes and efficient inventory management, the pharmacy endeavors to maintain adequate stock levels of essential medications, minimizing any disruptions in the supply chain.

With its unwavering dedication to serving the healthcare needs of the community, SriMa Pharmacy exemplifies the compassionate spirit of Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, striving to make quality healthcare accessible to all, regardless of economic circumstances.

Up to 20% Discount On MRP

If you order any medicine not on the list, the medicine will be available within a very short time.

List of Medicines